ohh deer


Hello to you, and thanks for stopping by San Diego.


I arrived at Illustration in a rather around-about fashion, first studying Architecture at Kingston University. I was and always will be obsessed with drawing, and I needed to find a way to integrate that into my day job, so when I discovered there was very little of that left in architecture, I started making plans to leave.


As well as trying to make my mark in freelance Illustration, I own and run the brand Ohh Deer. We’re a curated collective of Illustrators, turning our work into things you might very well want to own yourself. I’m working on developing the brand as well as another project which will encompass everything in the ‘design-sphere’ and allow a far larger audience to participate.


I finally had that ‘click’ moment (when I found how I work best) when I realised It’s important that you’re not trying to conform to a set of rules established by another artist – and that instead you create your own. I found I managed to produce something which was typical of my detail level, put remained contemporary and fun, and that’s where I’ve gone since. I’ve begun to include pieces of my architectural taste too, considering that’s what I studied, I wanted to ensure I didn’t cast that aside. Instead I find that textures and the ‘feel’ of something can come from architectural values.